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Branch Out & Be More

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Meet Your Trainer

MacKenzie Puricelli

Hello, I am MacKenzie, but I go by MacK or Kenz or you may know me as mbpuricelli on instagram and tiktok!!!


More than anything I want to help YOU change your life through fitness just as I did, but make sure that you take the healthiest approach possible in order to be your best!


As an exercise specialist and online health coach, I not only focus on your bodies outside appearance, but I focus on your mental, and internal health as well. Fitness is a way of life to me. It is about creating a lifestyle that YOU can maintain forever.This is what I tell each of my clients. “We are not doing a quick fix, we are setting a goal that is maintainable and finding a way to fit exercise and nutrition into YOUR life.”


Taking care of our bodies and minds are both equally as  important as our physical health. It’s extremely important to make sure that you are working towards improved mental and internal health health before diving in and trying to tackling your physical goals. With an incredible mindset and a healthy body from the inside out you are absolutely capable of anything.


Making a change to our body all starts with our mentality and how we view ourselves so that we can make a commitment then follow through. I am here to help you #branchoutandbemore


I graduated with a B.S. in exercise science and am a NCEP CPT so that I could educate myself as much as possible on exercise and nutrition to help others enhance their lives, just as I did.


Through personal training and coaching, I am able to make an impact on others lives. This is the greatest gift that I could have  been given. Helping people to become their healthiest, best version of themselves in all aspects of life makes me feel so fulfilled.


Apply for online coaching to schedule a call with me to chat about you, and your goals. I then will develop a personalized plan to help you change your lifestyle and view on fitness. Or you can purchase one of my guides to help educate, elevate, and strengthen your workouts and give you the knowledge you need to tackle your nutrition in the healthiest manor possible.






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