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About Me

Now your journey may not be like mine, but thats the beauty our journey. They are unique, just like you.

I have always been an athlete. Growing up I lived for competition. At age 3 I began dance and gymnastics then started competing at age 8 until I was 14. In high school I decided to switch things up and try out for cheerleading. I fell in love with the drive and dedication I had to put in week after week leading up to competitions. I thrived under pressure and loved pushing myself to be the best. I ended being granted a scholarship for cheerleading in college at Lindenwood University where I cheered up until my Junior year.


After I stopped cheerleading I gained a new mindset towards my body, as I took my fitness and nutrition to a new level.  I found my passion for weight lifting and for the first time  I  wanted to show women that it is okay to be strong and empowered after being in an environment where being “skinny” and “small” meant that you were superior for the sport. My fitness journey began four years ago at the end of high school, because I wanted to become skinner. All my life all I wanted was to shrink myself. This led to over exercise and food restriction, which then led to BED. It took me over 2 years to overcome that battle with myself. It wasn’t until I started to embrace my curves, accept the body that I have been blessed with,  and start to love myself for who. This helped me to find myself, and actually allowed me to grow a deeper passion for fitness.


I switched from a business major to an exercise science major and ended up graduating from Lindenwood University with a B.S. in exercise science within 3.5 years.


I started personal training while in college and that’s when MBP Fitness evolved. I knew that nothing makes me happier then changing peoples lives through fitness and that’s what I knew I was destined to do. Upon graduation I turned my focus to online coaching where I have been able to help people BE MORE than who they were and become the person they always strived to be.


My goal isn’t to help you lose 10lbs in 3 weeks, my goal is to help YOU create a lifestyle where you are the healthiest, most confident, best version of yourself. Creating a balance between your everyday life and fitness is what will help you get results that last a lifetime, not a weekend or a couple months.


What are you waiting for??


If you want to start YOUR journey, then let me help YOU. I will be there for you ever step of the way.

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