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I am looking to work with clients who are going to commit to changing their lifestyle with me. I am here to help you create your best self both physically and mentally.


My packages are not quick fixes, fad diets, or short term challenges. I have designed my

1 on 1 coaching to keep you on track for life and to create a healthier lifestyle overall. Each coaching package will include a fully detailed nutrition guide with macro coaching and/ or a structured workout plan that is made exactly for you, your goals, and your fitness level developed through the trainerize app.

We will communicate on a weekly basis via check-ins where I will ALWAYS give detailed audio feedback within 24 hours to made adjustments to your program, help you learn, work on specific areas of your life that need more balance, and most importantly shape a healthier mindset so that you can truly reach your goals and sustain the changes made.


You will be able to contact me via email, text, and the trainerize app at all times. I strongly encourage each client I take on to keep in contact with me and ask any questions that they have. If you need help on deciding what package will most benefit you then I am here to help guide you (:



Through MacKenzie’s coaching, I have: 

• Learnt to have a better relationship with food and see it as fuel for my body and workouts

• Learnt to let go of the ALL or NOTHING mentality and that CONSISTENCY is so much more important than perfection

• Learnt to value mental progress as much as physical and strength progress

• Have a better relationship with my body, value recovery and strength train for health and not only my physique


I would recommend MacKenzie 100000000% for anyone who is hesitant. I'm so glad I finally did it myself, I literally changed my life and I most certainly would not have the mental clarity and made the progress I have in the past months without her. She will push you to improve yourself, is soooo understanding and will always make sure to do what is best FOR YOUR NEEDS! She's the best. DO IT!



 This investment was the smartest and most beneficial decision I have ever made. This program gave me a lifestyle that I want to and feel ready to sustain for the rest of my life. She always listened and made things work for me, validating my concerns and helping me face tough situations. Her flexibility, empathy, constant attention, lessons on working out and eating, and custom made plans are priceless. This wasn’t just an investment in my physical appearance, it was an investment in my long term health. 


Through MacKenzie’s program, I have:


• ENTIRELY CHANGED MY OUTLOOK ON LIFE AND MY BODY!!! It’s TRUE, you can find a balance of eating what you want and what you need, while looking and feeling your best!  I have a much better relationship with food, and have learned how to eat properly to where I’m satisfied. I don’t feel guilty anymore when I want to enjoy desserts or go out to eat, and I don’t feel the need to binge sweets because I’m never depriving myself of anything in the first place .

• I have acquired so much mental and physical strength that have complimented each other in the most amazing way. I can lift some extremely heavy weights, and feel so confident in a room dominated by male bodybuilders. I can look at myself in the mirror and feel so GOOD. I have so much more energy and stamina, and I no longer dread the gym, I see it as a place where I can really focus on myself and disregard any negative emotion by showing myself my own physical strength.



While working with Mackenzie my quality of my life has improved.
Through MacKenzie's Program I have: 

  •  lost almost 25 lbs so far and dropped from a size 10 to a size 6

 have hit PRs I was never able to hit on my own

  •  I’m excited to wear crop tops for the first time since high school

  • I’m always happy when I see my reflection on a passing glance instead of

thinking “ew” as a reaction

  • Mentally, I feel so much more hope. When working with Mackenzie, there’s a

plan. There’s an EXIT plan..So you know you won’t be living on 1200 calories
for the rest of your life. You know that your food will get over 2000 calories one
day and you’ll look hot af eating those 2000 calories. 

Working with MacK has been absolutely amazing and life changing. I have never once had even a
trace of regret. Don’t let the money stop you. You can’t google it. You are not better
than a professional who has gone to school for this and has gotten certifications. Just
go for it.


Custom Macro /Nutrition /Cardio Coaching

 My goal is to ensure that you are enjoying the foods that you are eating daily. This package is great for anyone who is wanting fuel their bodies properly and finds food freedom. My overall goal is to help you find balance with food so that you can still enjoy cookies and pizza while working towards your goals. Eating healthy does not have to be boring!

This will include:

  • Phone Call Consultation

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Weekly Check Ins via Email

  • 24/7 support via email and text

  • Custom Macros or Nutrition plan suited to your goals

  • A 16 Page Nutrition Guide including what a macro is and how to track, info on supplements, 25 plus healthy recipes, meal timing guidelines, what to do and what to eat when dining out, free/cheat meal guidelines and options, and a full grocery list is broken down into macronutrients.

  • Recommended cardio regimen with adjustments

  • No cookie cutter plans

Monthly- $270 (payment comes out every 30 days)

12 Weeks Upfront- $810 (Save $25)

6 Months Upfront- $1550 (Sav $100) 

1 Time Macro Consultation: $50


Custom Workout and Macro / Nutrition Plan

This package has everything you need to change your lifestyle and form new habits in the gym and the kitchen. I will be alongside your journey coaching you every step up the way as we work together to create your best self physically, internally, and mentally.

This will include:

  • Phone Call Consultation

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Weekly Check Ins via Email

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Call via facetime 

  • Access to Trainerize app where workouts will be custom with video demonstrations, specified sets, reps, and rest all scheduled on a calendar to keep you organized. My Fitness Pal is linked to keeping track of macro data. 

  • 24/7 Support via Email, Text. and Trainerize app

  • Custom Macros or Nutrition plan suited to your goals

  • A 16 Page Nutrition Guide including what a macro is and how to track it, info on supplements, 25 plus healthy recipes, meal timing guidelines, meal structure, what to do and what to eat when dining out, free meal guidelines and options, and a full grocery list broken down into macronutrients.

  • Custom Workout Plan: This is entirely structured in the Trainerize app. It will be entirely based on one's fitness levels and goals that will ensure progressive overload. The plan will change every 3-4 weeks. If you are just starting out that is okay, I will start you off with the basics and progress your workouts as you continue to get stronger and familiar with the exercises. If you are someone who is advanced and has been lifting a long time, awesome!! I will help you to push your limits and really help get your training to the next level.

  • Recommended cardio regimen with adjustments based on one's goals.

  • No cookie cutter plans

  • BONUS: Redefine Program

 Monthly- $375 (payment comes out every 30 days)

Biweekly-$150 (payment comes out every 2 weeks 

& check-ins are biweekly)

12 Weeks- $1150 (save $125)

6 Months Upfront- $2200 (save $350) 

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