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My MBP Fitness 12 Week Be More Lifestle Guide has been created to help you to change mentally, physically, and internally while balancing your life with fitness. This is geared towards anyone at any level of fitness- whether you are just starting out, have some experience with tracking food/ working out, or are very experienced with weight training and macro tracking, but need guidance to reach your goals.

I have answered all your fitness related questions from fat loss, to gaining muscle, how to fit cookies and pizza into your diet while losing fat, weight training, cardio for your goals, what macros are, what food you should be eating, how not to fear carbs, how to structure your meals and time them right, benefits of various supplements, what to eat at fast food chains, carb cycling, confidence, how to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, and soooo sooo much more!!!!
What will you get with this guide?

  • A community that will push you to be your best self plus access to emailing me. 
  • 12 weeks of workouts broken down into 3 phases. Each workout will specify the exact sets, reps, rest time, and detailed explanations on how to perform each exercise. 

➖Phase 1 will be 2 lower bodyworkouts, 2 upper body workouts with core, and 1 full body/ hiit workout. 
➖Phase 2 will be quads/ glutes , hamstrings/ glutes/ optional HIIT, triceps/shoulders/chest/ core, biceps/back/ core, and HIIT. 
➖Phase 3 will be legs, hamstrings/ glutes, shoulders/ arms, back/calves/ core, shoulders/ chest, and optional glutes/ core. 

  • You’ll learn what cardio to do if your losing fat, bulking, or maintaining. 
  • Warm up and cool down protocols 
  • You’ll learn fitness related terms. 
  • You’ll learn how to calculate your personal macros through equations and examples.
  • You’ll learn about what macros are and why each benefits you.
  •  22 recipes, vegan options included. 
  • Explanations of beneficial supplements.
  • A grocery list broken down into macros, seasonings, condiments, and beverages.
  • Tips on eating out, healthy alternatives, and healthy fast food options.
  •  How to track your progress in the gym and day to day.
  • Glossary of 200+ exercises
  • 20+ FAQ

12-Week MBPFitness Be More Lifestyle Guide

$119.00 Regular Price
$71.40Sale Price
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