This is an 8 week glute building guide that I have designed specifically for anyone who is trying to achieve bigger, fuller, and lifted glutes along with shaping their legs. Some girls don't believe that they can get a bigger butt because of genetics, but this program with help you go from a flat butt to a strong and perky butt through resistance training! This program will require a gym, but some resistance work can be done at home. Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour. It will include 4 workouts that are glute focused, but will also target your legs and focus on building overall strength in your lower body. 


This Guide Includes:

  • 4 workouts that can be added into your current workout regimen, but should not be completed alongside other lower body workouts.
  • Detailed descriptions of all exercises, along with specific sets, reps, and rest times.
  • 2 Glute Activation workouts that will be done prior to your workout.
  • Overview of Macros 
  • Meal Timing and Nutrition Overview to enhace your results. 

Build a Booty Guide