Ready to amp up your workouts, have your butt kicked, and have workouts that are tailored specifically to you rather than following alongside random IG or youtibe workouts???


I got YOU!


This will be a 4 week workout split specifically tailored to YOUR fitness level, YOUR goals in the gym ( strength, endurance, hypertrophy (gaining muscle), weightloss, flexibilty, mobility, etc.), enviornment (gym, at home, etc.), and time available.

Your program will be given to you in pdf form or on the trainerize app. In the app I will put your custom training program into a calendar for you so you know exactly what days to train each body group. There will be exact sets, reps, rest time, exercise descriptions, and exercise video demonstrations that are laid out for you.


After the plan is purchased I will send you an email within 48 hours to follow up with a questionnaire and see if the app or the pdf would interests you more.


Keep in mind in order to achieve true results your nutrition will need to align with your overall goals. 


You will be able to reach out to me via the app or email at anytime you are following the workout split.


Can;t wiat to kick some a** with you!!

Custom Workout Split